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About Us

SHINE FAMILY FOUNDATION is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that raises money to help the families of US MILITARY PERSONNEL who are deployed around the world and VETERANS.  These families are under a great stress during deployment and it is the objective of the SHINE FAMILY FOUNDATION to assist the families of our BRAVE men and women in every way.

It is designed to help these families who deal with prolonged and often multiple deployments.  Our AIM is to offer assistance the families need while their love ones sacrifice their lives to defend our FREEDOM.

The FOUNDATION also provide help and assistance to VETERANS who have returned from active duty in the same way.

We also provide variety of on-going services for families of our MILITARY and VETERANS to help ease the stress and burden of separation.  Assistance continues after these “HEROES” return from active duty.  The FOUNDATION intends to staff its operation with the families of active military members allowing them to help in the military community.

It is sometimes unfortunate that the sacrifices of our military have large gone unnoticed by the public.  What we do is a tribute to these heroes and their families to the sacrifices they make on behalf of all of us and to this great country of ours.  Some come home with life altering injuries and disabilities.  We must show them our gratitude that we will never forget the sacrifices they have made to keep us safe.  They are our true “HEROES”! It is because of them we can say, “United States of America is the land of the free”.

The SHINE FAMILY FOUNDATION believes our military personnel and their families sacrifice so much to keep AMERICA safe and we want to make sure that together, they are not forgotten and that we as a country honor them.